Megha + Chris | Wedding at Le Belvedere

Chris and I met at a bar, through a mutual friend. The funny thing about it was, we actually noticed each other at the entrance of the bar. Chris got in before me, and I was shocked and thinking, who was that guy that got in before a group of girls?!

As the night went on, there was definitely eye contact between us. I noticed him talking to one of my friends, so I found the courage and introduced myself. As I was approaching them, it turns out, Chris was actually asking who I was and if she could introduce him to me! Once we got talking, we just couldn’t stop. It was as if no one else was in the bar. And still to this day, we don’t stop talking.

The proposal was magical! Definitely a day to remember. A few weeks before, I got a call from my nail salon saying I won 2 free manicures; and so I decided to take my sister one Saturday morning. Towards the end of our appointment, I get a bouquet of flowers with a clue! It read, “Hey gorgeous, are you ready? Go to the spot where we first met” I couldn’t believe it – he had planned the appointment with the salon and this entire day to come!! 

My sister was in on it the entire time too! She drives us to 'The Standard' where there are two mimosas and another bouquet of flowers waiting with clue #2. It read “Our first date was oh so good”. At this point I am too excited, so we quickly drink our mimosas and head over to 'Oh So Good'. When we arrive there, and at the exact same spot where Chris and I had our first date, was the exact same cake we ate and another bouquet of flowers. With it, the 3rd and final clue, “One of my favourite memories was watching the fireworks here, let’s go make some more memories”. This was it! Behind the National Arts Centre, at the top of the hill, I am walking towards Chris in tears of excitement and happiness. There, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was so perfect. But.. it didn’t end there, we got back to our place and opened the door, and all of our friends and family were there waiting!! It was so special, we celebrated the entire day and night with our closest friends! Chris did well.

My favourite memory was our first look. That first time I saw Chris in his prince charming outfit is something I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. He looked so handsome and I just couldn’t wait to marry my prince. 

Chris’ favourite memory was the anticipation of Megha walking out. I remember standing there, it was cold, raining and really windy, but all I could think about was the fact that I was about to marry the love of my life. She walked out, looking perfect as always, smiled at me and that's when I realized how lucky I am to have her. 

It was such an experience working with Union Eleven!! The best decision we made. We had actually booked Derrick before we even booked Le Belvedere because we just loved his work so much. The extra time Derrick and Cindy took to make sure we were happy with our pictures, the fun personalities, and the patience they had during the wedding made them really stand out. We are so happy we chose Derrick as our photographer, he captured some beautiful moments that we still can’t stop looking at! The pictures are so unique – we even climbed on top of a pile of rocks and got the coolest picture of all where we look like we are on top of the world! Amazing talent! 

-Megha & Chris

Photography by Derrick Rice