My husband and I met as I was finishing my last year in university, we were unintentionally introduced via mutual friends. We survived a long distance relationship for our first two years driving to visit each other up to 6 hours until I took a leap and moved in with him in Guelph. 

When we moved back to my home town in Ottawa, we bought a house together and David proposed by arranging photos of our first 3 years to spell "WILL YOU MARRY ME ?". It was the first thing I saw when we walked into our new house on move-in day.

David's last name is Birch which is why we had a birch tree theme at our wedding. We really wanted our friends and family to have as much involvement as possible and had people chipping in to make the cake, fix up an old car, drive it in, and help decorate. Our fondest memories all happened on the dance floor, which rocked all night! We were so happy to have Britt not only capture all our special moments but also let loose with the camera on the dance floor. If we're being honest, we didn't really shop around photographers - we met Britt and knew she would be the perfect fit for our wedding. Union11 was easy to work with and our guests had a lot of fun in the photo booth!

-Lisa & David