A Wedding at Le Belvedere


a summer wedding ceremony at le belvedere

Photographing Amanda and Ash’s wedding was a real honour. We absolutely loved their story. So much so that we asked the if they would share it with all of you. Here’s what Ash had to say:

Sometimes fate has the best things planned for you; better than you could ever have dreamt of. Our love story is one of these stories. We have met in a place neither of us were from nor were planning to stay there long, St. John’s Newfoundland. We were one of those couples who discussed global politics on our dates, and now continue this tradition while having supper. Everything just felt right since the beginning and we can’t be happier that we went through the obstacles life has put in front of us since then together.

We have moved across the country twice, and moving for the third time soon, changed careers and accumulated a few university degrees since then. In our journey we had to deal with unpleasant things that most people rather not discuss but we intentionally discussed in our wedding vows; racism and sexism that excluded us from many opportunities others may take for granted and immigration laws that almost separated us. Nothing was enough to break our bond and we are here together nonetheless. We feel so lucky that we had the great privilege of celebrating our love with people who are so dear to us this summer and will keep fighting to make sure everyone has this pleasure.