Hear the emotion in your partner’s voice as they read you their vows, and the pride in your parent’s voice during their speech. See the grace and elegance of your movements as you walk down the aisle. Share in the joy and laughter of your wedding story with your family and friends over and over again.



Simple is Beautiful

We approach our wedding films with the same photojournalistic mindset as our wedding photography. We will focus on the candid, authentic moments that will come together to tell the story of your wedding day.


Union Eleven Teamwork

We love to work together! When you book Union Eleven for both photography and videography we’ll reduce your package price by $500!

Couples are often concerned about their photographer and videographer getting in each other's way. When you hire Union Eleven for both, there’s no need to compete for a shot!



Our pricing is simple - you make an initial investment which includes 6 hours of coverage, and then add any additional hours you may need once your wedding itinerary is finalized. This works well because our couples typically book well before they’ve figured out how much coverage they need. We wont ask you to commit to a package until you’re ready to make an informed decision. If you have any questions about our prices, just ask!

Initial Investment - $2500

  • 6 Hours of coverage

  • One videographer

  • Highlight wedding film - typically 4 to 7 minutes in length

  • Wedding ceremony film

  • First dance film

  • Film of all speeches

Additional hours of video coverage - $200 each.

Second videographer - $500

All films are delivered in full HD 1080P quality.
Additional coverage time may be required to produce the Dance and Speeches films.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s your filming style?
    Like our photography, we shoot our films with a candid, storytelling approach. We don’t want to be intrusive or distracting on your wedding day. We want you to enjoy yourself so we can capture moments naturally. We love simple, timeless films that don’t rely heavily on special effects and editing.

  2. Do I get a discount if I book Union Eleven for both photography and videography?
    Yes! We will reduce the cost of your combined package by $500!

  3. What is the picture quality of the films?
    All films will be delivered in full High Definition, 1080P quality. This is a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  4. How will my photographer and videographer work together?
    Having both a photographer and videographer from Union Eleven makes things run smoothly. Typically your photographer will take the lead while your videographer works around them. That said, there will be times when your videographer will give you direction in order to add movement to a shot.

  5. Can I have access to all of the unedited footage?
    Yes! We will prepare and deliver all the video and audio files from your wedding on an external hard drive for a fee of $350

  6. When will I receive my films?
    Our typical delivery time is within two months of your wedding day

  7. Can I use my favourite song for the highlight video?
    Most likely not. We aren’t able to license songs that you typically hear on the radio.