Remember how your wedding felt, not simply how it looked.

Hear the emotion in your partner’s voice as they read you their vows, and the pride in your parent’s voice during their speech. See your grace and elegance as you walk down the aisle. Share in the joy and laughter of your wedding story with your family and friends.


A beautiful mix of Christian and Hindu wedding traditions.





A Focus on Quality

Picture quality is extremely important to us. We’re committed to producing vivid colours and natural skin tones that authentically reflect your wedding day. We won’t heavily process your films, or apply filters for an effect that you may find dated down the road.


cinematic and timeless

We approach wedding filmmaking with the same photojournalistic mindset as our wedding photography. Whenever possible, we shoot candidly to ensure your film is full of authentic moments.

We want our films to feel emotional, powerful, and timeless.


Photography + Videography

Hiring Union Eleven for both photography and videography has a number of advantages. We work best as a team, communicating to ensure that everyone gets the coverage they need. There’s no need to compete for a shot. This means better photos and films for you.

When you book Union Eleven for both photography and videography we’ll reduce your combined package price by $300.


A wedding video from Le Belvedere


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s your filming style?
    Like our photography, we shoot our films with a candid, storytelling approach. We don’t want to be intrusive or distracting on your wedding day. We want you to enjoy yourself so we can capture moments naturally. We love cinematic, timeless films that will always take you back to how you felt on your wedding day.

  2. Do I get a discount if I book Union Eleven for both photography and videography?
    Yes! We will reduce the cost of your combined package by $300!

  3. How many hours of coverage do you think I’ll need?
    We purposely leave our pricing open-ended so you don’t end up committing to too much or too little coverage before you’ve finalized your wedding itinerary. Once you have a plan for the day, we’ll work together to choose the amount of coverage that’s perfect for you. That said, 10 hours of coverage comfortably covers most weddings.

  4. What is the picture quality of the films?
    We’re extremely picky about picture quality - particularly skin tones. We want your wedding video to authentically capture the look and feel of your wedding day. To that end, our films are vibrant and real. We don’t heavily process or apply filters to our films. We worry that this can make films look dated down the road.

    All films will be delivered in full High Definition, 1080P quality. This is a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

  5. How will my photographer and videographer work together?
    Having both a Photographer and Videographer from Union Eleven makes things run smoothly. We love working as a team. Typically your Photographer will take the lead while your Videographer works around them. That said, there will be times when your videographer will give you direction in order to add movement to a shot.

  6. Can I have access to all of the unedited footage?
    Yes, but be aware that we shoot in a format that’s very flat looking right out of the camera. This gives us flexibility when editing, but the footage doesn’t look good until that edit is applied. Before you view or use the unedited footage, you will need to apply some basic colour correction. We will prepare and deliver all the video and audio files from your wedding on an external hard drive for a fee of $350.

  7. When will I receive my films?
    Our typical delivery time is within two months of your wedding day.

  8. How will my films be delivered?

    Your films will be delivered via digital download. If you like, we can also provide you with a USB drive.

  9. Can I choose the music for my Feature Film?
    Choosing the right song is an important part of our creative process. We try to choose music that specifically fits our footage, and our couples. We license our music through a service called Musicbed. You’re welcome to explore their catalog and see if a song really speaks to you and your partner. We’re unable to use copyrighted music in any of our films.

A perfect day at Stonefields Estate