A Wedding at The National Arts Centre


It was Canada Day and we were taking a trip to Montreal. When we arrived, Adam asked if I wanted to go to my favourite park, Mount Royal Park, for the Tam-Tams (the spot where drummers and musicians gather informally each weekend to play music). It was lightly raining, which he knew was my favourite. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and headed towards our park. I was starving so suggested we stop for sandwiches on the way (something I would later realize likely posed some scheduling difficulties for him). As we approached the park, Adam asked me if I thought there would be any musicians despite the rain. The eternal optimist in me said yes without hesitation. And sure enough, once we arrived, we noticed someone playing guitar under the trees. We sat down near the lone guitarist, enjoying his music, noting to each other how the rain had stopped. When he played ‘Wheat Kings’ by the Tragically Hip, I excitedly told Adam, “He is playing one of our songs!”, Adam smiled as the guitarist said “It’s Canada Day, of course I’m playing the Hip!”. I smiled too, oblivious to what would happen next. The chords of his next song sounded all too familiar. “Is he playing the Arkells? Is he playing our other song?”. My stomach filled with butterflies and my heart melted. There he was, my best friend, my soul-mate, my forever, smiling at me, asking me to marry him.

Leading up to the wedding, it was very important to us (and encouraged by Union 11) to get to know the photographers. In a weird way, they were subscribing to an intimate "front-row seat" throughout the most special day of our lives; and we were agreeing to it. Andrew and Derrick listened to our story and got a feel for who we are as individuals and as a couple. We feel as though the photos they captured perfectly tell our story. They did so in a professional, creative and beautiful way. Each moment was well documented and when we look at the photos, it takes us back, to the exact point in time each photo reflects. We truly loved working with Andrew and Derrick and couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos.

-Mara & Adam


Photography by Derrick Rice & Andrew Geddes