A Wedding In Little Italy



The forecast didn't look good at all - May showers. There was some talk of plan B in case. But it turned out to be a beautiful Saturday for a wedding, not too hot or cold - just right. And that's how everything felt all day - just right. 

There was ease and excitement. The guys were getting ready at Nonna's and across the street, the girls were getting ready at Palmina's parents. It seemed like Tyler woke up already dressed for the day. Cool, calm, collected. Wearing a black and white tux, he was definitely channeling James Bond. Meanwhile, excitement around Palmina was swirling. As she put on the earrings that belonged to Tyler's mother and read the note from Tyler, emotions ran high. When Palmina came downstairs, she was absolutely beautiful and there wasn't a dry eye. Her father wept - Daddy's little girl was getting married. And then it was Tyler's turn. Tears welled up out of his eyes as he watched Palmina walk down the aisle of St. Anthony's church. The tears were contagious.

From the stories I heard throughout the day and speeches delivered at the reception, it was clear to everyone that they were meant to be and apparently, Tyler's Nonna was the first to call it. From neighbours, to best friends, to boyfriend and girlfriend and now husband and wife, Palmina and Tyler felt just right. 

Photography by Kristin De Castro