An Orchard View Wedding


It's true when they say your wedding day goes by in a second. Our wedding was a second of bliss. We laughed through every moment, which was a true resemblance of how we go through life together. The day was gorgeous; friends and family supporting us, sun hitting the water beside us and our eyes filled with happiness. Dave and I couldn’t have imagined a better ceremony. The laughter of our guests filled the grounds of Orchard View as we chuckled with excitement over and over again. Afterwards, an impromptu receiving line exemplified the love that was surrounding us, and showed us that not every perfect moment can be planned out.

This is why Union Eleven was the best choice for our special day.  Each photo captures a glimpse into who we are and what we love. They bring us back to the very second I shed a tear or laughed so hard I couldn’t stand up, and the importance of impeccable candid photography. We can now look back and feel the happiness of our day through a photo. We cannot wait to use Union Eleven again and have more of life’s moments caught in a way that is just like a time capsule.

-Colleen + Dave


Photography by Brittany Fleming