A Belvedere Wedding


Emmanuel and I have been together for six years now.  We met at work in 2011 and started dating about six months later. Since we’ve been together, we’ve always had a strong desire for travel and adventure. We’ve travelled to many parts of the world and have experienced a lot of ‘once in a life times’ together. In May 2016, we took off on an adventure in Southeast Asia, and about half way through the trip, while discovering Myanmar, Emmanuel asked me to marry him! The topic of marriage had previously come up but it wasn’t really a top priority as we had other things on the go. When he asked me to marry him, I was completely blown away! It was such a magical proposal; just us two in Bagan, the city of temples! 

Planning our wedding was a lot of fun. I hear about a lot of women dreading the planning process and by the time the wedding day arrives, they ‘can’t wait for it to be over’. Emmanuel and I worked really well throughout the whole planning phase and really enjoyed it. From choosing the decorations, meal tasting, to finding the right photographer, it all went smoothly. Our wedding day was very special, as I’m sure most couples would say, but I felt extremely lucky going into this day knowing that not only was it going to be a celebration of our union of love, but also a fantastic going away party as we are heading off to live in Africa for a few years!

When I started doing my research for photographers, I wasn’t fully sure what I was looking for, but we knew we didn’t want anything too staged and wanted to tie in the natural beauty of our venue. As soon as I saw the work Union Eleven had produced, I was determined to have them at our wedding. Brittany from Union Eleven surpassed our expectations. She was great to work with! We connected on many levels which made it easy to take pictures on a day where nerves are already a little heightened.  She was super funny and laid back. I’m very pleased with our collection and the slideshow that came with it. The soundtrack with the pictures went so well together. 

Thanks Union Eleven for capturing our big day!

-Hannah & Emmanuel

Photography by Brittany Fleming