A Wedding at Le Belvedere


It all started when a French geek and a Canadian medical student both swiped right.  After a few dates of deep conversations and culinary courtship (crêpes flambées will win this girl’s heart!), they became smitten and soon, inseparable. As their love grew and their ideals collided, they decided to get married… and that is the story behind the amazing pictures you will see below.

While planning our wedding, we wanted to make sure that every component of the day, every detail of the ceremony and every tradition had meaning for us. We wanted our wedding to truly represent us and our interests, which is what made it the most memorable. The bride had her bridesmen and a dress she could enjoy dancing in, the groom had chosen the champagne as a tribute to his French heritage, the live band played songs dear to our families, the parents and brothers delivered thoughtful speeches and animated fun games, the guests enjoyed the homemade photobooth, the prescription pads for leaving us messages, the s’mores campfire and the late night poutine bar. It really is impossible to pinpoint a favourite moment; our smiles were glued to our faces for the whole event… and the days and weeks that followed.

We wanted a photographer who could capture those details and the emotions of everyone involved in the day. The style put forward by Union Eleven was exactly what we were looking for: authentic, fun, with great aesthetics and use of light. We could not be any happier with the results, as the pictures truly embody the feel of our wedding day.  Thank you for immortalizing these moments, we will undoubtedly cherish those memories for years to come.

-Catherine & Arthur