We've photographed 500 weddings, but yours is special.

Why do we do what we do? What keeps our team excited to head out every weekend to photograph weddings? We think you’ll like the answer.

Candid wedding photography

When your eyes meet your fiance’s as you walk down the aisle, what will they say to you? How much emotion; how much love, and tenderness do they communicate in that instant? Everything else fades away as you experience the magic of that once-in-a-lifetime moment. And in a heartbeat it’s passed. Moments like these are so precious, but also so fleeting. 

Photograph of a bride dancing at the reception of her chateau laurier wedding

When your most special relationships are on display, waiting to be captured, we will be there. This is where we thrive. Once-in-a-lifetime moments can be made timeless. This is what makes photography so valuable to you, and so rewarding for us.

At Union Eleven we believe wedding photography should be authentic. It should capture the essence of your day; of who you are as a couple and of what you’re feeling. The smiles, the tears, the laughter, and the moments that you may have missed all come together to tell your story. Romance and intimacy; excitement and celebration. You can see them in a photo. You can feel them again. 

timeless wedding photo in Ottawa at the Brittania Yacht Club

As storytellers, we need to make a connection with you. We need to see the day through your eyes. We’ve been to 500 weddings, but never to yours. Yours is unique. Yours is special. What are the things you love and admire most about your partner? Who will be at your wedding, and what do they mean to you? How can we take a photograph that captures this? We relish that challenge.

On your wedding day you will be beautiful. Inside and out. You will shine, and the world will see it. Happiness will be written all over your face for your partner, your friends and your family to enjoy. We know you aren’t simply a bride that day. You’re also a daughter, a sister, and a best friend. Your wedding photos will be priceless, but not just to you, to others as well.

Wedding photo at the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa

When people see your wedding photos, we want them to feel something - a taste of what you felt. We want them to share in your excitement, and your joy. When your children see them, imagine the smiles on their faces as they see the smile on yours. 

Photography is a timeless thing, and moments are just that…moments, but they’re begging to be captured.