Chanel + Matthew | National Arts Centre Wedding

I usually start a wedding day shoot at the groom's getting ready. Things really ramp up from there so this particular part of my day is when I get to take things in and find out more about my couple, their families and friends. When Matt and his entourage sat down for breakfast, I had a chance to chat a bit with everyone. I learned that Chanel and Matthew have known each other almost all their lives because, as it turns out, their parents are close friends. For me, knowing this little tidbit of info was a really nice way to frame the wedding day. ... And what an amazing day it was! I have to mention that it was also the smoothest wedding that I've seen to date. The weather was perfect, everything was on time, everyone was in great spirits: nothing went wrong. Both dads had super funny speeches while the moms evoked some happy tears. The wedding party was a riot and our happy couple had killer moves on the dance floor!

Chanel and Matt were so happy, in love and at ease with each other, that they really were able to relax and enjoy their wedding. I truly believe all that positivity and those good vibes were infectious! I had a lot of fun capturing Channel and Matthew's big day, so much so that I lingered well after my end time to get one of my favourite shots from this entire season! (see last photo of this collection)

Photography and text by Kristin de Castro

Man buttoning up white shirt in a room with male friends that are also getting dressed Man in suit standing in front of window looking outside Woman grabbing wedding dress on a hanger from in front of a window in a house Reflection of a bride and her mother in a small circular mirror on blue wall. Bride and groom standing in front of their guests alongside their wedding party at NAC in Ottawa Bride giggling while holding a microphone at NAC in Ottawa Black and white photo of a bride and groom standing in an embrace under an arch at the lochs in downtown Ottawa. Bride and groom standing in an embrace, kissing each other inside National Arts Centre, with reflection of circular lights. Groom hugging bride from behind, both smiling under a ceiling of spotlights at the NAC in Ottawa. Man giving speech at wedding reception in the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Reflection of bride and groom dancing and kissing in glass wall at the NAC in Ottawa. Bride laughing and dancing on dance floor with her arms stretched out to either side of her at NAC in Ottawa. Bride, groom and two friends taking a selfie with a phone at wedding reception in Ottawa. Bride and groom in a line dance with their guests on the dance floor at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Portrait of a bride and groom standing under a large chandelier at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.Silhouette of couple embracing each other in front of wall with vertical lines , fading from a warm amber colour up top to a cool blue at the bottom.