Brittany Fleming | Gallery Opening | Toronto

We're all excited for Brittany, here at Union Eleven! She is having her very first gallery opening at the Dylan Ellis Gallery in Toronto. From September 17th, 2015 until November 1st, 2015 she will be showcasing some of her street photography - be sure to check it out if you are in the area! Although Brittany loves shooting weddings, she is also passionate about travel and capturing the essence of people and their culture in a photograph. Here is her artist statement behind the "Urban" gallery show:

"What I have learned from traveling is that the spaces humans have constructed for themselves – cities, streets, buildings – have a beauty that will endure. However, it is the way these spaces are shaped by the humans moving within them that make them special. As time passes, the needs and wants of people change and so then do the places.

Shooting in an urban landscape documents the changing of people and the places they inhabit: connecting a women’s striped dress to the lines of a building as she walks past; using reflections to offer another way of perceiving one’s surroundings; capturing the lifetime commitment of getting a tattoo; witnessing a gathering of people united for change, yelling to have their voices heard; showing the wisdom behind the face of an elderly women and the youthfulness of a young man as he as eats a juicy mango.

The photos that I have chosen to display are a glimpse into many different urban landscapes and of the people who inhabit them. From Nicaragua to Peru, and Toronto to Ottawa, I feel connected to the people I photograph, as we share in the shaping and influencing of our spaces, regardless how far apart geographically and culturally we may be."

Photography by Brittany Fleming

poster for gallery opening in Toronto, showcasing a photo of a diner in a metropolitan setting Street photography of a dark-skinned man gazing out at the city, showcasing the reflection of a high-rise building and clouds in the sky Street photography showcasing the reflection of a man in a rain puddle. Street photography of an urban setting, showcasing person on a bicycle and their reflection on the side of a building. Street photography of a woman in striped dress walking downtown Ottawa, juxtaposition against a striped wall of a building.