Balder Family Session | Arboretum, Central Experimental Farm

Pam and her family wanted to celebrate the arrival of the new baby. We worked together and chose a location that was bright and beautiful; the quintessential spring setting.

Following our patient wait for spring’s late arrival, we found ourselves at the Arboretum with captivating cherry blossoms in full bloom covering the grounds. All the beauty and smells of spring were at their peak.

That afternoon, three year old Jacob ran in circles, squealing with delight. Now and then, he tugged at the Polo shorts hanging on his waist, tied loosely in the back with a hair elastic. A little boy grasping for pink flowers slightly out of reach, chasing after bubbles that floated gently away, and tugging at the dog’s leash. Now and then, he glanced at the camera to briefly acknowledge its presence... there was just too much to enjoy!

Meanwhile, the adults cooed and beamed at new baby cousin Ethan, who smiled back at the already familiar faces. The warm evening sun kept him awake and in good spirits.

A family cherishing the arrival of a new member and enjoying all the beauty of springtime in full bloom - I felt privileged to capture such tender moments!

Photography and text by Linda Kiefllittle boy with striped polo shirt running away from mother at Arboretum in Ottawamother blowing bubbles while toddler runs around in field at Arboretum in Ottawa mother and father holding newborn baby at Experimental Farm in Ottawa grandfather hoisting toddler in the air under cherry blossom tree at Arboretum in Ottawa mother and father cuddling and kissing toddler sitting on a tree branch at Experimental Farm in Ottawa mother and father holding newborn baby while sitting on a blanket with their dog under cherry blossoms at Experimental Farm