A Chateau Laurier Wedding


With the summer weather finally upon us, March seems like forever ago, but Alicia and Alex's wedding is one I won't soon forget. They are that couple who are amazingly unafraid, so of course they did something super cool and unique. With their wedding guests already seated at their tables, the wedding ceremony and reception were held in the same grand ballroom, literally seconds apart. It was my first time seeing this timeline and I thought it was fantastic!

I spent my day with Alicia and Alex and their wonderful family and friends at Chateau Laurier where they got ready, did their first look, had their formals, ceremony and reception. And at every step of the way, I was more and more inspired by their style and energy. These two beautiful souls were in their own little world - and I enjoyed capturing all the small and big moments of Alicia and Alex's very special day.


Photography by Kristin de Castro

Source: alicia-alex