In 2007 Andrew and Derrick started their own photography companies called Andrew Geddes Photography and Derrick Rice Photography respectfully. Incredibly creative, we know. Four years later they were both enjoying a great deal of success, and were widely regarded as two of the top wedding photographers in Ottawa.

Despite their success, they were growing frustrated with the inherent limitations of being a one-person operation. They had come to the realization that they couldn’t provide a first class service without a team backing them up. The majority of their time was being spent on the everyday tasks of running a business. When all was said and done they were spending about 15% of their time actually taking photos. Not cool.

By 2011 Andrew and Derrick decided that if they wanted to create something truly great, it was time for a change. They teamed up and opened a new studio in the Glebe where photographers were free to be photographers. Union Eleven was born with the goal of providing the absolute best wedding photography experience possible. To do this they needed not only great photographers, but also a client services team with editors, album designers and a studio manager. No one person can be great at everything, but together anything is possible. In an industry where anyone with a camera and a website can call themselves a wedding photographer, they decided to raise the bar.

Five years later, Union Eleven has grown into an accomplished team of wedding professionals. We’ve shot over 500 weddings, and we’ve never been more dedicated to delighting our clients with new and exciting images!