Family Portraits with Baby Emma

Camron and Anastasia welcomed baby Emma into their lives a couple weeks before we captured these portraits at our studio. It's amazing how quickly and deeply the bond between parents and their children form. These photographs capture not only Camron and Ana's love for Emma, but how safe she feels in their arms. The newborn stage is so brief, and so precious. The artwork we produce from these photographs will be something that all three of them will treasure. 

A Wedding at La Grange de la Gatineau



Some people might think back on their wedding, and list all the little things they would change to make the day just a little bit better. Not us.

That Thanksgiving Sunday started with constant rain showers. But as the ceremony approached later that afternoon, the clouds slowly started to part, and the sun revealed its warm light. By the time we said our vows, many of our guests wished they had brought sunglasses!

The turn in the weather was just one of many ways everything came together perfectly on that day. The fall colours - vibrant greens, bright reds and deep yellows - enhanced the rustic appeal of la Grange de la Gatineau; a pioneer barn dating back to the early 19th century, located near the Gatineau River. 

Union Eleven's Brittany helped us capture that autumn splendor with photos that complemented the beautiful landscape. Her easy-going personality and great sense of humour put us, and our friends and family, at ease. We were able to be in the moment, and fully appreciate all the little instances that made our wedding day whole.

When we look back on those photos, and we still do that often enough, we can't help but smile. They remind us of that incredible day, and our love for each other, which is stronger than ever.

- Jonathan and Alisha