A Brookstreet Resort Wedding


I met Koli and Arjun several years ago...at a wedding, of course. I was instantly enamoured with their smiles, their energy, and their dancing. They are both very smart, amazingly driven, super nice and totally adorable. So when we met up at our Glebe studio to discuss their wedding, I was beyond stoked! 

I honestly can't imagine one without the other. I saw it years ago when I first met them. Koli and Arjun are meant for each other and together are meant to experience many great amazing things. 

Their beautiful summer wedding was definitely one of these many great and amazing things. I had a blast shooting their big day, and I can't wait to see what's in store for Koli and Arjun next! 


Photography by Kristin de Castro

A Restaurant 18 Wedding


Stephanie and Alan's wedding day got off to a bit of a tricky start when their daughter cut her toe, resulting in a quick trip to the ER. Thankfully it was nothing serious and the rest of the day was pretty much perfect. They had a beautiful ceremony at St. Patricks church in Barrhaven, and their reception was at Restaurant 18 in the Market. 

I always love it when there are little kids at the weddings I shoot. Having those little guys running around in their fancy clothes makes for happy, smiley adults, and in turn better pictures. Stephanie and Alan have two super-cute kids who kind of stole the show for a good portion of the day. You can see some of their shenanigans in the photos below. It was a real honour to be being able to capture such a big day for this awesome family!

Photography by Andrew Geddes