Welcome, Mascha!

Mascha, our studio manager, has been with us for the 2014 wedding season and it’s about time we gave her an official welcome! She’s at the studio every day working hard to ensure our customers have a fantastic experience. Already we can’t imagine running Union Eleven without her help.  With a diverse background in marketing, public relations, product development and design, she's brought plenty of new and exciting skills to the team! Some fun facts about Mascha: -She’s half German, half French Canadian, has a Russian name and was raised right here in Ottawa. -She speaks three and a half languages: English, French, German, and half Spanish. -She has a dog named Easton that she treats like a human -She’ll cry at pretty much everything… including Hallmark commercials. -She makes a killer caesar (there’s pickle juice in there). -She claims to be able to out-eat anyone when it comes to pasta (I don’t believe it).