Christina + Alex | Engagement Shoot at Museum of Nature | Wedding at GreyHawk Golf Club |

It was just over a year ago that I made plans with Christina and Alex to shoot outdoors on the Rideau Canal. This is where they met for their first date and where he eventually proposed to her. It was such a great idea, however the bitterly cold January weather with a windchill of -30 was just too cold... even for us Ottawa folks. So, at the very very last minute, Christina suggested a switch to the Museum of Nature for an indoor engagement shoot which worked out well... and weather wise, what an amazing contrast to their summer wedding!

Fast forward six months later to one of the year's hottest days, Christina and Alex celebrated with a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception at the GreyHawk Golf Club. It was a gathering of close friends and family and I feel honoured they let me into their circle without much hesitation. The friendliness and affection they showed everyone came from the deepest of hearts and I hope I managed to capture that. 

Photography by Kristin de Castro