Carly + Jessica | A Rockcliffe Pavilion Wedding

Jessica and I are both high school teachers with the OCDSB, and we actually met when she hired me as her supply teacher!  A few chats over the lunch table and the rest is basically history. 

Our first date ever was a yoga class and our second was lunch at the Mill Street Brew Pub.  These two things played a part in our future as a few years later, I proposed to Jess in a private yoga class, taught by our favourite instructor, and we held our reception at the Mill Street.  

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming, but with two teachers on the job, there were lots of lists involved! The day snuck up on us and before we knew it Andrew was at The Arc Hotel ready to start documenting the process.  Despite being well over 6 feet tall, Andrew was incredibly unobtrusive and he fit into our day flawlessly.  

Surrounded by green space, sunshine, and 100 of our favourite people, we exchanged our vows at the Rockcliffe Pavilion.  Without a doubt the ceremony was our favourite part, the love and positive energy was overwhelming. We really tried to make it our own with small things like having guests pass around our rings to set positive intentions and writing our own vows. 

It was truly a beautiful day which was wonderfully captured by Andrew.


Photography by Andrew Geddes