A Beautiful Wedding at a Private Residence


outdoor wedding ceremony photograph

We had the pleasure of photographing Jessica and Matt’s wedding in the home that they tirelessly worked together to build. It was a small, intimate affair with only their closest family and friends present. It was a true honour to be invited. As one of the owners of Le Belvédère, we’ve worked with Jessica for years. Matt is her perfect match. Together, these two could accomplish anything.

Here’s what Jessica had to say about her wedding day:

When Mat and I were planning our wedding there were certain decisions that came very easily to us. First, we knew we wanted to get married in our home, a home that we spent the last year and a half building and pouring our hearts into. There was no better place to celebrate the beginning of our life together then the place that we will build that life in.

We knew we wanted it to small and intimate, the people we loved most in the world. It was very important that we have special time with each and every person there.

And finally, without hesitation, we knew that we wanted Derrick and Andrew to shoot it, neither of us are very comfortable behind a camera and we knew without a doubt that we would feel completely at ease with these two. I have been blessed enough to know both these two incredible people for years. I work in the wedding industry and have watched their magic first hand many times over. We have also been able to share a few cocktails and fun dinners together over the years. For us, there was simply no other choice. We are blessed to have such talented friends.

Our wedding day was everything we had dreamed, it was truly just about the love we have for each other and the amazing family and friends that surround us. We ate oysters, drank champagne, danced under the stars and smiled until our face hurt.

A huge thank you to all the amazing people that made our day possible:

One fine beauty
My culinary team at Le Belvedere
Kimberly Dunn
Marc Charron
Mark @ Pulse Entertainment
Up North Wedding Films
Whales Bone Oyster Bar