Downtown Ottawa Engagement Shoot


dowtown engagement photo of an indian couple in ottawa

Everyone at Union Eleven loves it when we have the opportunity to do and Engagement Shoot for our couples. Not only are they the perfect opportunity to create photos and artwork celebrating our clients relationships, but they’re also a chance to spend some quality time together, and learn about what it is that our couples admire so about each other.

Pallavi and Bikram are opposites in some ways. She’s a little shy and reserved, while he’s outgoing and is always cracking jokes. Together, they balance out and bring a little of themselves out in the other person. This is something that they both love and really value.

When talking to Bikram before the shoot he said something that struck a chord with me. His grandmother once told him that “Eventually, what you have left between you and your partner is conversation, so you better be able to make each other laugh!” When you see the two of them together, it’s readily apparent that he’s taken that saying to heart!

Pallavi and Bikram have a lot of memories at and around the National Art Gallery, so it was the obvious place for the engagement shoot. Oh, and Bikram is a huge sneakerhead, hence the sweet pair of matching Jordans in the photos ;)