Corinne + Christopher | Beckta Dining & Wine | Wedding

Corinne and Christopher’s wedding ceremony took place in a small, majestic nook amidst the massive willow trees of the Arboretum. The guest list was small and intimate, but the joy and love from these two brought larger-than-life smiles to everyone in attendance. After a quick stroll through the Arboretum, we all headed to Beckta to enjoy a small reception with charming anecdotes, hilarious memories, and endearing well-wishes from their close family members. I couldn’t be happier for these two! Here are a few favourites from the day.

Photography and text by David Johnson

Black and white portrait of groom standing in front of a window, looking outside. Black and white image of a woman standing outside of car, holding a wallet with a big smile on her face. Bride holding flower girl's hand while walking down a path, groom and wedding guests following behind. Bride walking hand in hand with flower girl at Arboretum in Ottawa, while guests and family members follow behind.Flower girl having a flower crown adjusted on her head by woman.Wide shot of a man and woman getting married at the Arboretum in Ottawa, while their guests watch on. Man and woman standing in front of officiant. holding hands while woman laughs with excitement. Groom kisses bride for the first time as married couple at the Arboretum in Ottawa.Groom signing marriage certificate while he, his bride and the officiant sit on a bench in the Arboretum in Ottawa. Bride holding hands up in the air with excitement as wedding guests applaud the newlyweds.Bride and groom hugging while guests blow bubbles at them at the Arboretum in Ottawa.Black and white image of bride hugging man after wedding ceremony, crying.Bride and groom kissing in front of massive tree at the Arboretum in and white photo of man holding woman from behind in an embrace amidst willow trees in Ottawa.Bride and groom standing in an embrace in front of giant tree at Arboretum in Ottawa.  Silhouette of guests standing in front of window at Beckta during wedding reception.Bride holding glass of white wine in front of large painting of poppies at Beckta in Ottawa.Mother of groom giving heartfelt speech at wedding reception at Beckta.Father of bride hugs bride while groom watches on at Beckta in Ottawa.Young girl sitting on woman looking at a drawing while man and other young girl watch beside them.Bride and groom kissing at dinner table at Beckta while mother of bride watches and laughs.