An Army Mess Wedding



What can we say, our story is pretty standard- one day we meet and the next day I moved across the country to be a flight attendant. Fortunately, with the invention of Skype, Aeroplan, and discount flight coupons, we managed to beat the odds.

The proposal was text book. Like a true gentleman, Dan waited the appropriate four years to propose. The night was first class; following a romantic anniversary dinner and a jaunt through the attached furniture store (despite what it sounds like-not that tacky), Dan pulled out the ring and asked me to make him the luckiest man yet. I replied with a tear-filled, “are you joking?” Now that is love.

As we were living in Winnipeg and planning a wedding in Ottawa; we wanted to hire the right people to make our planning process easy and stress free (well as stress free as wedding planning gets). Our challenge with planning was how different are styles were. When we found Union Eleven, we felt very confident that they could capture our wedding in a way that both of us would love and find a balance between both of our styles - were we ever right!

From our first meeting with Derrick we felt like we found someone who could bridge Dan’s big personality and my quiet but quirky demeanour. We got married at the Army Officer’s Mess in Ottawa, and Derrick was very excited for the venue. His excitement turned out some incredible results as our photos were spectacular. We were so glad that Derrick was able to be a part of our day. We had such an amazing time, and will remember it forever with his amazing work! 

Dan and Rachel