A Haymow Farm Wedding



When we were planning our wedding there was one clear thing that we both agreed on - it had to be a party! We wanted the day to be colourful, fun, full of beer and of course surrounded by the people we love. We held the wedding at the Haymow farm in Sarsfield and were extremely lucky to have had a beautifully sunny, not-too-hot, not-too-cold day in late August to get married. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day and everyone involved had a great time. 

We had met with a few photographers when we were planning our wedding. Brittany blew us away in our meeting and in the end it was an easy and fantastic decision to hire Brittany and Union Eleven to photograph our wedding. 

On our wedding day, Brittany more than exceeded our expectations. She worked tirelessly to get perfect, natural and spontaneous shots. Brittany even managed to quickly and beautifully capture all of our family portraits that we had requested, (and we had requested a lot of them). Our venue presented a few challenges due to the lighting in the barn, but Brittany had no trouble finding the perfect lighting locations and effortlessly delivered beautiful photos inside the barn. 

Truth be told, we aren’t the most comfortable people in front of the camera but Brittany immediately made us both feel at ease and comfortable with the entire process. During our portrait shots, she even waded into a creek to capture some beautiful photos! She was exceptionally easy to work with and was like a ninja, stealthily getting every perfect shot. We would highly recommend Brittany and Union Eleven to anyone, and are extremely happy with the work they did in documenting our big day.

-Kelsey & Andrew


Photography by Brittany Fleming