vegas day one

hello everyone,

its been a crazy couple days here in las vegas. the weather has been beautiful with a steady +23 celcius, sorry for the people who are shoveling back home :(

anyway day one was amazing. i knew it was going to be a great day when chantale booked me my very first swedish massage at the westin. it was unbelieveable, i highly recommend everyone go get a massage, i feel 10 yrs younger. after the massage i headed off to go pick our rental car, i surprised chantale with a porsche boxter which we cruised around vegas and the red rock canyon. late friday night we had tickets to go see jay leno at the mirage, the show was awesome but i was completely wiped after.

here are some pics from day one, stayed tuned to see our pics from the grand canyon helicopter/hummer tour tomorrow.


some signs in the old vegas downtown.

my lovely wife to be!!

the new 14-24 is awesome for self portraits.

were all set to go we just picked up our marriage licence.

some pics along red rock canyon.

the porsche, i actually thought it would be fun to drive. it cornered really well and was quick, but once you got the needle close to 100 mph she started to shake a little. its probably because its a rental and everyone drives the crap out of it.

chantale working the camera, she even got some flare going..

here are some pics from this little wild west town inside red rock canyon.