TC shoot in Halifax

Last week my good friends at Transport Canada sent me out east to photograph the ports and infrastructure in and around Halifax. Three days and two helicopter trips later, I came away with some really neat shots.

The main purpose of the trip was to photograph Halifax's two major ports. We had access to a Coast Guard helicopter which not only flew us around the ports, and the city, but out to Peggy's Cove as well. The pilot's were great, and were all for pulling aggressive turns so I could shoot straight down. You would think it would be unnerving considering the chopper doors were pinned open, but we were turning so hard, the centripetal force had us pinned into our seats, making it strangely calm.

After the helicopter trips, it was off to shoot the ports from the ground. Here are a couple shots of the huge gantry cranes they use to load and unload the ships. We were allowed to take an elevator up to the top of the crane and walk around. You wouldn't think it, but those things shake and blow around like crazy. Being up on those steel walkways was far more unsettling than hanging out of a helicopter at 1000 ft.

Peggy's Cove:

Stay tuned for some epic wedding shots.