Photo Editing at Union Eleven

Digitally editing photographs that we deliver to our clients is a really important step in our photography process. Not only does it benefit you by providing you with a higher quality of photo, but it also allows us to even more accurately represent and enhance the visual representation of your experience that our photos provide. At Union Eleven, we work hard to tell the story of your special day with our photojournalistic style. Our editing process’ aim is to feature you looking your best, showing how you and your guests looked and felt on your special day. We use editing techniques to direct attention to the main focus within each photo, while not changing everything about the moment. We may highlight the main focus by cropping the photo to give a better view selection, or editing the lighting to push the main focus as well. We make sure that the colours in the photos match your natural skin tone in the lighting situation, recreating the atmosphere you experienced in that moment. Daylight, indoor lighting, and our flashes shape the photo when the photographer captures the moment, but may unflatteringly change the colour of your skin. We correct any of these inconsistencies and make sure there are not any distracting additional elements in the photos that take away from the main focus. We want the photos to look their absolute best so you can remember and re-experience each moment while you enjoy your photos for years to come.

As the editor for the current wedding season at Union Eleven, I have had the opportunity so far to work on many different weddings and special event photos. I have been loving editing these and getting to see the intense emotions and experiences captured by each photographer within each photo. I’m looking forward to seeing many more happy couples and special events throughout the season, and being able to add that final touch to your photos!

Written by: Sarah Dowling - Photo Editor at Union Eleven

bride and groom dancing in ballroom at chateau laurierbride and groom dancing in ballroom at chateau laurier enhanced imagebride first look with husband in alley colour AFTER-1 bride and groom standing with hands clasped under a roof against a night skybride and groom standing with hands clasped under a roof against a bright blue night sky