nicole + steve = wedding slideshow

hello all,

i'm starting to have writers block, maybe because its 12:09 AM.. i promised nicole and steve i would have the slideshow posted by thursday and it looks like i may be a few minutes late.

nicole and steve had a beautiful wedding that was held at the st. patricks basilca on the corner of kent and nepean here in the best city in the world ottawa. the reception was held at the W0s/Sgts, Chiefs and P0s' Mess, i also shot alison + pat's reception at the mess.

being a photographer you get to witness so many beautiful moments and hear so many funny stories. i just love capturing the emotion from the friends and families faces while listening to the speeches. nicole and steve had some great moments, lots of teary eyes and big smiles.

again thanks goes out to nicole and steve for giving me the best seat in the house to capture you wedding story.

enjoy the show!!

oh yeah, the play button is not the one you see in the center of the bottom menu bar of the slideshow, its on the bottom left. mouse over it and it should say 'Play'. now turn up the music and watch, the slideshow has more impact with the music.