alison + pat = lifestyle shoot

hello all,

sorry for disappearing but its been crazy the last couple weeks, i had a wedding on 07.07.07 and we are getting ready to buy a new home with my own STUDIO!!! not until march 2008 though so i'll be updating the blog on the progress on the new home. we have to sell our current home as well, so i'll have a listing up the next few days so be sure to pass it along to your friends, its a great starter home!!

anyway, last night i shot alison + pat's engagement pictures, they are getting married 09.08.07 here in the beautiful city of ottawa. i know i say this with just about every post, but its so true and i totally mean it when i say that they are AWESOME!!!! a great looking couple, they look like banana republic models. we shot on location in the byward market which has lots of different places to shoot. we ran into some trouble early as one of my flip flop straps busted and i had to hop around on one foot to the nearest shoe store, which ended being a dollor store that sold crock nock-offs for a grand total of $7.25. anyway i bought some cool spiderman 3 crocks, that you'll see in the slideshow to come tomorrow night. until then please see my teaser images below. alison & pat made me look good, all i had to do was just push a little button on top of the camera.

thanks again guys for being so patient as i limped around on one foot, it was a great adventure and i cannot wait to do it again.

cheers to all,