Corey and I met in 2010 while both helping with Science Orientation Week at the University of Waterloo. A year later, after spending a whole day studying for biology midterms, Corey asked me if I wanted to get a drink with him one night, and we have been together ever since.


Fast forward another year and Corey got accepted to medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. We agreed to try long distance, and that try turned into 4 years of trips back and forth across the Atlantic, and many hours of facetime. In 2015, Corey planned a proposal that included him moving my master’s defense date, getting me a week off work approved by my bosses, and planning a trip to my family’s cottage for July 1st. A proposal on the beach, my favourite place in the world, was all set, except for Mother Nature. Corey and I woke up that morning to rain, which lasted all day. By mid-day, Corey was so frustrated with the rain, and the fact I wouldn’t go outside in it, that he asked me to get him a beer out of the fridge and when I turned around, Corey was down on one knee, asking me if I would marry him.

When I started the planning, I knew I wanted an outdoor country wedding. The moment I walked onto the Stonefields property, I knew I had to get married on their lawn. Finding a photgrapher was easy as I knew I wanted Union Eleven to capture the day, and after the first chat with Brittany, I knew she was the perfect choice. Rain turned out to be a constant in our wedding plans. We did our engagement photos downtown Ottawa on boxing day, in a freezing rainstorm, where Brittany was a trooper and survived the cold and wet. We got married May 26, and as the whole spring and summer of 2017 seemed to go, I woke up to rain on the wedding day. As we got our hair and makeup done, and drank champagne in the Stonefields Great Room, I watched as storm clouds continued to pass above our heads. Somehow, the rain managed to stop in time to do our first look outside and get married in front of the stonehouse, and as we walked back down the aisle, the rain started up again. Even with it all, we had the most perfect day surrounded by friends and family. During the reception, we even got treated to a choreographed dance by my mom and her friends to Abba’s 'Super Trouper', to celebrate the dancing the ladies do every year at our annual Canada Day party. The entire wedding was exactly what we dreamed of, Brittany captured all the moments perfectly and we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

-Claire & Corey 


Photography by Brittany Fleming




"We’re a testament to that good old saying “opposites attract” 

Our story started almost 5 years ago when this hockey playing, polo shirt wearing, beer drinking, fairly quiet sports enthusiast first met this loud, eccentric, non-athletic, organic eating, makeup artist at Moon Room on Preston Street. A place that Laura frequented, and a place that Jeff had never heard of. It was pretty clear right off the bat that our differences made us so eager to get to know each other more. We were completely fascinated with each other's lives and experiences, and we shared a mutual love of travelling and food. Oh, and dogs! It wasn't long before Laura found herself at all of Jeff's hockey and soccer games, cheering for him at his triathlons, and slowly realizing that gluten may not be all that bad. And it wasn't long before Jeff gained a tolerance to gluten free cooking, learned about the world of art and realized that he may be a quiet guy, but a loud Italian family is pretty damn awesome too. 

Fast forward a few glorious years filled with laughs, adventures, a new house and our new addition, a handsome Great Dane named Tyson. We honestly could not have asked for a more picture-perfect day to get married on May 27, 2017. Following weeks of tumultuous rain, we couldn’t be happier to have our outdoor spring wedding on a gorgeous, sun-filled and warm day. Surrounded by our incredible family and friends, we said “I Do” in a memorable ceremony filled with laughter, love, music and a few tears (mostly from Jeff whether he wants to admit it or not!). The rest of our wedding was nothing short of amazing, from having the time of our lives while taking pictures with Brittany, to our memorable entrances at Sala San Marco, to the amazing food and a night filled with dancing, we could not be happier with our wedding day! Celebrating love is a magical thing, and having the opportunity to do this with the most incredible people has officially made May 27, 2017 the best day of our lives. Now…onto our next adventure! 

-Laura + Jeff


Photography by Brittany Fleming